Monday, September 15, 2008

busy, but with results....

The last week was extremely busy. Two shows to go with the shop....All those enthousiastic quilters give you a lot of inspiration. I wanted to go home and start sewing instead of selling fabrics...But the result is a nice, little dog...The pattern is from the Quilting Arts special with Holiday Gifts...He is so cute. I bought him Dutch beads and a orange ribbon. His eyes are buttons!
This patchwork bear is also a result of hard work. I made a pattern for all the mothers and granny's in the world. Of course you can make one for yourself with your favorite fabrics. He likes it to sit in a sewing room to guard your fabrics and other stuff.
The results of the yearly challenge are wonderful. Everyone made a pincushion. There were lovely designs. Sometimes the designs were pretty, but difficult to use.
This little flower is the winner!

On the picture: Muriel at our booth in Arnhem last weekend. It was nog so busy, but like real quilters we had something to do: bear in progress (his body is on the quilt in the back)
Now I am going to finish my mystery quilt. Next month I can show it.....
And I already started with the new one. Sorry, it is a big secret.

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