Friday, August 8, 2008

Thinking of....wonderland

The name fabricwonderland generates a lot of new possiblities in my quiltlife. I already know the theme for the mystery in 2009/2010....and today I was on a bookmarket (all secondhand) and I picked up a children's book. On the first page was a wonderful merry-go-round drawing and immediately I was wondering in which book I saw a quilt with this item.
I have to write down all the ideas I got with this name. I like to see comments with your ideas/dreams with this name. Please be aware that if another reader had the same idea and posted it, it is not neccessary to send it also. Make a difference with your idea, that gives every reader new ideas!

1 comment:

  1. I checked out your shop website. Very, very nice!!! I wish I could just pop over to see it in person... and then visit with family... 8-)
    I shall visit your blog again! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!