Monday, August 25, 2008

Home, sweet home and sue

Here is my Sunbonnet again. I changed her sunbonnet a little bit and put the buttons on. On the background a lot of tiny quilted flowers. I am gonna make more of her, so I can develop my favorite
sunbonnet, give her trousers and play with my buttons.
Coming saturday quiltseason really starts. So I have to finish a lot of little things before this day. Every year I design a mystery quilt, so the block of the house is part 0 for the upcoming mystery. The quilt will be 200 x 200 cm, the theme is 'Home, sweet, home' and the rest is a secret....Yes, it has to do with houses, you will need two colourgroups and it will be a lot of fun again.


  1. Finally a sneak preview of the new mystery "Home, Sweet, Home". Part 9 is looking very good and I can't wait to get started.

    Lovely mascot, am already curious for her sisters and nieces!

  2. I am not usually a big "Sue" fan, but I really like your cheerful looking girl. Jen