Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Open European Quilt Championships

Next week at Veldhoven.....
It is a very busy time. I have three things to think about. First: We have our workshop 'My secret garden, second: We have a booth with the shop during the four days of the show and third: With my quiltgroup 'Duikvlucht Den Haag' we are part of the show. So, yesterday I had 26 quilts in my garden to photograph and I made them ready for the show. Now I have to finish the patterns for the workshop and copy them this week. Friday everything must be finished and ready to go on Monday.
I hope to see you all there to visit our booth and have a look at our quilts. The more I see them, the more I love them. Sorry, but pictures after the show!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finished top!

This picture shows 4 blocks of Home, sweet home. Just to show you how you can use a pattern. It is not the way it will be used in this quilt, but if you love this pattern, use it for a new one.

And today, YES, we finished the top of the first ''My secret garden'' quilt. Maaike Bakker designed all the paperpiece patterns and the overall lay-out is mine. We think the result is great and you can see both our hands. And we finished it on schedule. That's nice. If you did not sign up for the workshop at Veldhoven on the 28 and 29 th of this month. May be you have to do it now.... Than you have the pattern and instructions to make this piece from 240 x 240 cm.
Please do not use this picture anywhere! (copyrights etc)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mystery part 6

This is the first piece of part 6. Front and back. Easy to sew....
The second part has a tree and some kites. We want to go out and there is enough wind. There was a lot of wind last tuesday and there where a lot of kites on the beach (this had to do with the Afghanistan conference at The Hague). Kites are allways very colourful and it gives me a holiday feeling!