Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summertime Swap

Here you can see the center of the summertime mini quilt I send to the States. It found a new owner. I got a quilt from the States. Is it not interesting to see all those quilts fly around the world to find a new home? All those people who got excited about the mail, real mail.... Sometimes with a present and with friendly letters. And that from an unknown person, but what we all share is our love for quilting. Some are beginners and some are not.
I am happy I signed up for the Christmas Swap, it will be going to Australia.

Now I am ready for take of to the quilt exhibition in Alkmaar. Everything is packed and ready to load. I am going to start a new quilt during the show from the book Material Obsession (One), so I picked a lot of fabrics (of course to much...) and I am glad I can start tomorrow with some pre cutting......Maybe nice for a workshop? I have to think about this.

O...and for all the mystery quilters: my top is finished and sandwiched. See you on thursday evening!

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