Monday, July 27, 2009

Summertime swap 2

Quilt in a day....the top YES! I cut from a lot of fabrics two pieces 12 x 12 cm and put them all toghether in this quilt. It is a kind of memory play. Just a border and quilting to do.....It is a present for my son's class. They have a little bed to play and sleep and whatever came up in their fantasy...I decided that their has to be a quilt too. This is my summer challenge. I didn't decide yet about the quilting. I have 6 weeks, handquilted hearts would be nice, but a lot of work. Well, I sleep about it.

Today I started with the summertime swap. I did some applique with Vliesofix.
The theme is:
In the middle of fabicwonderland is a big fountain.....

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