Tuesday, January 27, 2009

quilting and las vegas

Las Vegas has nice quiltshops....they have also quilttours! A special car with a lot of space for all your fabrics..... There was a little quilt inside with the text: Your husband called to say: buy everything you want! So, quilters and their partners are all the same everywhere around the world.
Nice plate on the car!

And I couldn't resist this fabric. My boyfriend likes to play poker....and he is also a winner. He won our daily meals and souvenirs....so I have to make something with this fabric.
Back home their is a lot to do....I have to much ideas. I think I have to make a timetable with all my ideas and plans.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Las Vegas

Of course Las Vegas is famous about The Strip with all his hotels/casino's and shopping possibilities. But I do not have the money for a Cartier watch or a Louis Vuitton bag (and I do not like them either), so it is the best to take a car and go shopping in the neighbourhood. Lovely quiltshops! Today we visited Quiltique at Henderson and I liked that shop very much. They had the right, bright fabrics I allways love....and a fantastic classroom. Space for 22 people, big screen for presentations and a lot of space and fabrics. I am a little bit jeaulous....but everything in the States is big....

Tomorrow we go home, so tonight it is time to count the books, magazines and fabrics I bought!
Not that much, but still enough to make me smile!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mystery results

To view a lot of results from the mystery...go to http://www.quilterij.nl/ . Then go to fotoboek and mysterie bloemenpracht. They are not finished, but they look great allready. I am very proud about all this work, done by hand and machine! Is it not amazing? One pattern, different quilts!

Friday, January 9, 2009

a lot of mystery houses

Same pattern, different bricks and windows. Together you can sew a quilt! Hard work for all the quilters last month.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

part 3 home sweet home

This time not a house but a tree! And another block and border. See the set up and the back for the ironing. Not difficult, but it fits with the rest......

The name of the border is: stairway to heaven. I like that name, it brings you to a nice place. we all have our own imagination of heaven, but I think there are fabrics and that kind of stuff.

old book, with a lot of colour

Yesterday I had a little chat with a very enthousiastic quilter. She was talking about her last project and interesting websites and persons.
Have you ever heard of Freddy Moran, I like her quilts. I forgot that I had her book on the shelves, but I found it yesterday....and it has a lot of houses. If you want to know more about her work... you have to google!
Another interesting website with a lot of free patterns is listed with my favorites. A lot of opportunities with your scraps.
Thanks to the lady from Carpe quiltem for this inspiration.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year

Happy new year to all of you. A new change to start a quilt and to finish an old one... Did you set some goals....I allways do, but not to big!
At the moment I am very busy with quilting my flower beauty... We got a lot of DVD´s from Santa and it is to cold to sit upstairs for a long time. Just a little bit of computer work every evening and then quilting with a good movie, a cup of tea and a cookie.