Thursday, October 16, 2008

blocks and more

After one lesson the results from my students are allways wonderful. Same pattern, different fabrics, great results. I like to see their enthousiam, passion, struggles and pleasure. Keep on going...Your first quilt will be ready in no time.
And although it is autumn, we got this lovely light fabrics in the shop today. I think I have to start a new toddler quilt....We have a show next week, I can demonstrate it there... The fabric are from Moda: Butterfly Fling
This quilt is an old one, one of my first quilts. The blocks are 15 x 15 cm, yes it is small. I almost forgot about this quilt in my closet, but I brought it out for my students and they love it. It is nice to see all those different blocks and their possibilities. This picture is a special request, so here it is!

1 comment:

  1. een van je eerste quilts en meteen zo'n kleine blokjes? impressive!
    Je had zeker moed hoor en ik weet niet hoe oud hij is maar hij is (nog steeds) prachtig!!