Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next week it starts...

Next week part one of the new mystery arrives! I have all my fabrics ready to make the first part coming weekend. I have to fill in some details of the patterns...and then we can go. For me the quilt is not a complete mystery, but some parts do not have details yet...

It is so much fun to find the right fabrics for everyone. I love my job! I like to see the happy faces in my shop when a new quilt is born (well the first step: fabric choice!). Today we had a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabrics for the mystery as group 1. Group 2 will be some hand dyed browns...but I have to dye them this weekend. I have to...because otherwise my customer can not get started on thursday!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Flowers as inspiration

Now available in dutch: Kaffe Fasset's newest book with a lot of flowers. I like the quilts, but I also had a good look at the quilting: mostly by machine and not always straight lines with the quilting in the ditch! Machine quilting is absolutely OK, but it is easier to have a free motion than following the patchwork lines. I would prefer that!
And talking about flowers: Above a detail from the first finished top of the mystery. This one has a green bachground and red, orange, pink and yellow at the front. It is stunning! Look at all those different fabrics, isnt it nice?
And her you can see the middle of the quilt. It is rotating and keeps you looking to all the different blocks. A lot to discover. Very well done!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

blocks and more

After one lesson the results from my students are allways wonderful. Same pattern, different fabrics, great results. I like to see their enthousiam, passion, struggles and pleasure. Keep on going...Your first quilt will be ready in no time.
And although it is autumn, we got this lovely light fabrics in the shop today. I think I have to start a new toddler quilt....We have a show next week, I can demonstrate it there... The fabric are from Moda: Butterfly Fling
This quilt is an old one, one of my first quilts. The blocks are 15 x 15 cm, yes it is small. I almost forgot about this quilt in my closet, but I brought it out for my students and they love it. It is nice to see all those different blocks and their possibilities. This picture is a special request, so here it is!

Monday, October 6, 2008

flowerbeauty...there you are!

And there is the mystery: Flowerbeauty. Last Thursday I showed it to the group, they have work to do to finish there quilts. But I think it is a lovely one. I am really happy with the result and started quilting today.
In the book I talked about last week they quilted sometimes with embroidery thread. Very interesting. I startes this quilt with leaves in the middle in a contrasting colour. I used Aurifil coton mako 12 for a great look. I love it and I think I have to do some other parts to night....

At the picture below, you can see some strips from the mystery made by my students. This are all the same strips in different colours. The strips are under and above the middle, you can see it at my quilt. Look at all those different colours and you can imagine all the differtent quilts. I love it.