Thursday, August 27, 2009

More from Birmingham

On Sunday I looked a second time at the quilts of Philippa Naylor. Wonderful quilted, but my eye saw some corded piping as a finishing touch between quilt and binding. I was thilled and wondered if she described the technique in her book. I had some money left and so it is of no use at home I can spend it all....Yes it is in her book and I bought it. I started to read her book at the airport during the waiting time (delayed flight) and I find out that she made a lot of big price winning quilts! Her book and descriptions are wonderful and I am really sorry that I find out after the show that she was teaching during the show.
I have to try her way of corded piping, binding the corners, trapunto quilting and quilting itself.

To see more of her work go to her website:

If you expected to see a photo here: I did not ask her permission (and I did not make any pictures because I bought the book)
Please be aware of copyright rules: it is not allowed to publish books, media, art and that included also quilts without permission of the artist. This is against the law. The maker has the rights to decide where and when to publish his work. More about this law on f.e. Wikipedia.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back in town

Birmingham was full of quiltinspiration for me! A lot of quilts, shops and demo's. I can not tell you all at once, but one of the interesting places was the corner with young textile students. They got the opportunity to show their work. My favorite is Naomi Cotrufo ( for more information about her). She works with paper and fabrics and creates sweet things. I asked her permission to show her work here! It remembers me of my childhood, the books and soft colours. It makes me smile!
Look what you can do with an empty box, scraps and the most important thing: inspiration and creativity.

This little piece of work was really cute. To find her weblog: embroidered fancies!
Later this week more about thinks I find out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birmingham: we are coming

Tomorrow I go to Brimingham, to the big Quiltfestival. so now I am busy to clean up my bags, to ploish my credit card, to count my English Pounds and to think what to wear. I need some space my suitcase.
I take an early flight tomorrow morning and meet my mum in Birmingham. But I think there will be a lot of other quilters on the plane.
I will tell you all after the visit. I hope for a lot of inspiration and new ideas and products.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New mystery fabrics

It is not allways that I wash my fabrics, but with a lot of never know, but it was not neccessary. Above all the fabrics for the new mystery: Fabricwonderland, starting in November.
I promised to finish the design before the 5th of september, so the lay-out is ready. I have to fill in the details, but I know the monthly parts. I can not show you anything of this...I am sorry. You have to wait, but part '0' wil be available on the 5th of september, start of the new season.
This little log cabin is really scrappy. Small strips (2,5 cm including seam allowance), but a lot of fun and the result is great. Look for your scraps and get started or buy you self some 'Bossche rollen' or the equivalent: Jelly roll. Last monday I saw also Sushi rolls from Lecien, a Japanese fabriccompany.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mystery part 10

Tulips belongs there too, I think. A real dutch one. And do not forget the classic log cabin. the parts of this log cabin are very small. I did it without paper piecing: you have to be very precise, otherwise they are not 10 x 10 cm and you have to start again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kaffe arrived

Fourteen brand new Kaffe Fassett fabrics arrived. We stroked them and smiled and created a lot of new quilts in our mind. Keep on dreaming!
I sandwiched my memory quilt (schoolquilt) and as it is my shop challenge: I have to finish it before the 5th of September. I decided to handquilt little hearts (192) and made myself a schedule. To finish the quiltwork at the 29th of augustus, I have to quilt 8 hearts each day, except from the days I am at the quiltfestival in Birmingham. Till now my schedule works.... I know there will be days that it is not going to work, but on my countdown list I write down if I am behind or ahead of schedule.
It would be a shame if I do not manage my challenge for the third time on a row.