Monday, March 23, 2009

Another present!

A few days ago I got this tin. The biscuits are OK, but not important. It is the tin that counts. Thanks my love for this present! The fabrics I collected the last months, so I can store them well now. I am thinking about making a log cabin with these fabrics. One side red and the other side white. In the middle a little gold or black (these two colours you can see on the tin).I do not know yet, I closed the tin. I am going to design the new part of the mystery and it must be a little bit easier than the last one...Wait and see.


  1. Lotte heeft er ook een (zonder de stofjes :) maar ik greep net mis. Hartstikke leuk, vooral met de stofjes er in. Leuk he rood en wit....

  2. A little easier?! Phew, I am still coming to terms with this month's assignments..... I still have a lot of catching up to do before next Thursday (but still looking forward to the next installment)

  3. Wat een goed idee om daar stofjes in te doen!! Bij mij staat ie nu leeg in de kast... :)