Monday, April 9, 2012

Quick present for a special boy

Saturday morning 9:15, Buying fruit on the market, I got a nephew is born and his name is Coen. HELP, I didn't start to make his quilt and no time to buy him a present

 9.35 at the shop: Son X had to choose the fabrics for a little quilt. He decided: BLUE, that is for boys.... 
 10.00 at the shop (we had quiltcafé, my other project stays in my bag....) the squares are cut...
 14.00 at the shop: The first squares are sewed...
 Sunday morning: Top is finished and immediately sandwiched. Before bedtime the machinequilting was done....
 Monday morning 9.00. Ready!
 I wrapped it with a ribbon I bought 6 years ago (and never used) during a trip to Orlando. I was pregnant at that time and in the mood for ribbons like this with: Baby's first, written on it
And last friday  I bought this nice tin for whatever you like...I already bought this tin last year, but is was sale and you never know. Now it was the perfect box for a Easter baby. ( I put a fabric with easter eggs on the back of the quilt)

Monday morning 11.30: Hello Coen, Welcome in our family
Every time you see a baby it is a miracle, those little fingers etc etc.
And I am happy that I could give him his own quilt!

So, that was my weekend!

Veel quiltplezier,

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  1. Wat een leuke baby quilt! Mijn weekend was gevuld met eten ipv quilten. Ook leuk, maar nu eens aan de slag met deel 6 van de mystery. Die ligt al het hele weekend te lonken...
    Groetjes, Rose-Anne