Friday, August 14, 2009

New mystery fabrics

It is not allways that I wash my fabrics, but with a lot of never know, but it was not neccessary. Above all the fabrics for the new mystery: Fabricwonderland, starting in November.
I promised to finish the design before the 5th of september, so the lay-out is ready. I have to fill in the details, but I know the monthly parts. I can not show you anything of this...I am sorry. You have to wait, but part '0' wil be available on the 5th of september, start of the new season.
This little log cabin is really scrappy. Small strips (2,5 cm including seam allowance), but a lot of fun and the result is great. Look for your scraps and get started or buy you self some 'Bossche rollen' or the equivalent: Jelly roll. Last monday I saw also Sushi rolls from Lecien, a Japanese fabriccompany.

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