Thursday, August 27, 2009

More from Birmingham

On Sunday I looked a second time at the quilts of Philippa Naylor. Wonderful quilted, but my eye saw some corded piping as a finishing touch between quilt and binding. I was thilled and wondered if she described the technique in her book. I had some money left and so it is of no use at home I can spend it all....Yes it is in her book and I bought it. I started to read her book at the airport during the waiting time (delayed flight) and I find out that she made a lot of big price winning quilts! Her book and descriptions are wonderful and I am really sorry that I find out after the show that she was teaching during the show.
I have to try her way of corded piping, binding the corners, trapunto quilting and quilting itself.

To see more of her work go to her website:

If you expected to see a photo here: I did not ask her permission (and I did not make any pictures because I bought the book)
Please be aware of copyright rules: it is not allowed to publish books, media, art and that included also quilts without permission of the artist. This is against the law. The maker has the rights to decide where and when to publish his work. More about this law on f.e. Wikipedia.

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