Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday arrived some new fabrics from Alexander Henry. Immediately I knew which fabrics to use for the new mystery starting in november 2009. For the background I choose reds. The greens, yellows and blues gives a good contrast. It really is a fabricwonderland! I have to design the pattern, but I will start during the holidays. I promised myself to finish also the details before te start of the new season in september. I can not show you the results of this promiss of course, but I will tell you.
For this mystery, 240 x 240 cm, you need 14 meters of fabrics. One background group (total 7 meters) and the other group (also 7 meters) is contrasting the background colour.

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  1. De stoffen zien er weer mooi uit. Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat over anderhalf jaar. Ik ben druk met de 3x3 mysterie en eindelijk bijna klaar. voorlopige foto op mijn blog te vinden. Hopelijk is de top eind van deze maand af.