Friday, May 29, 2009

Finished top

Last week I showed the fabrics and here is the top. Made of 192 squares and a nice border fabric. We made some nice rolls to use for the squares. Maybe you know the Jelly rolls from Moda? We made Bossche rolls (like a Bossche bol, a specialty of our city Den Bosch with a lot of chocolate and cream), one big roll contains 20 fabrics, each 10 x 110 cm. Enough for this quilt!

The small bossche rolls contains 10 fabrics, each 5 x 110 cm. Very nice for a log cabin (big or small). I started to make small blocks from my scraps as a cover for my fabricwonderland sketchbook.

Friday, May 22, 2009

new fabrics and idea

New fabrics gives new ideas. Today I started a quick quilt with these lovely, fresh, summerfabrics. Mmmm, I am happy to go to the shop tomorrow and sew for a couple of hours!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday arrived some new fabrics from Alexander Henry. Immediately I knew which fabrics to use for the new mystery starting in november 2009. For the background I choose reds. The greens, yellows and blues gives a good contrast. It really is a fabricwonderland! I have to design the pattern, but I will start during the holidays. I promised myself to finish also the details before te start of the new season in september. I can not show you the results of this promiss of course, but I will tell you.
For this mystery, 240 x 240 cm, you need 14 meters of fabrics. One background group (total 7 meters) and the other group (also 7 meters) is contrasting the background colour.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mystery part 7

Some pictures of part 7.
Ideas for the next mystery are coming in my mind....title: Fabricwonderland!
Tickets not available at this moment......

After Veldhoven

It is allways a lot of work, but it was fun and nice at Veldhoven. Thanks for visiting us!
See you next year!