Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yes, I know it is a long time ago....but I wanted to post some pictures and you have to make them by daylight....and I am always thinking about my blog in the evening. Not a good timing then. And what to post? I do a lot of quilting but things are secrets. The mystery is, off course, a secret and then there is the project with Maaike Bakker: my secret garden..... Yes, also a secret. You can find a quilt on the website http://www.quilterij.nl/, but I can not show all. You have to come to our workshop in Veldhoven, during the open european quilt championships. http://www.oeqc.eu/

But the secret garden gives a lot of ideas about flowers! In two weeks it will be spring and you can smell a little of it. I have a lot of daffodils in the garden waiting for a little bit of sun and warmth and then they will explode.

Last week I bought some packages full of promises for the summer. I have a little work to do, but then the miracles are going to happen in my garden...... Gardening is like patchwork: which colours, what size, where, when, lack of time and stunning results after all the work.

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